2018-09-01 Recovery Day 544

Today was the first Saturday that was not a bad day. It was also a busy day testing my overall health status, which was great, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. Not all pain was gone, I still have to deal with my shoulder pain from the surgery. I am told that I will have this forever, all that will change is the pain level. Today’s level was normal, all around it was a excellent day.

Activity-wise it was a busy day, starting with going down to Black Bear Diner in Oakley. After that, we went to the Farmers Market in Brentwood and last but not least grocery shopping in Antioch. After returning home to unload, we went back out to Osh in Clayton. We had lunch at a Mexican Bar and Grill before our final stop at Sloat Garden Center in Concord. Dianne and Denise spend time at the nursery buying some plants and I used the opportunity to take my daily PICTURES.

Getting back home, I spent some time in my office moving some computer equipment around to make space for the record player Dieter will be bringing me next week. I have a large collection of old LPs and 45th that I plan to digitize.

I spend the rest of the afternoon resting, which includes uploading today’s pictures and writing on this posting. Dianne and Denise went out again to check something out at Michels. On their way home, they went by at MOD Pizza to pick up our dinner. As it is our norm by now we watched a movie on TV after dinner before calling it a Day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-09-01 – At Sloat Garden Center