2018-09-02 Recovery Day 545

Today was another great day. It was a busy day and health-wise, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. However, I still have to deal with my shoulder pain from the surgery. Today, because of my busy travel schedule, the shoulder pain was at the border of almost being too much, lucky for me the Tylenol did its trick.

As mention above, activity-wise it was a busy day, starting with going after breakfast back to OSH in Concord picking up a parcel we had paid for but forgot to take home yesterday. After that, we drove to the Ohlone Trail Parking Lot at Ygnacio Valley Rd and Montecito Dr in Concord to walk and take PICTURES along the Ridge Trail within the Lime Ridge Open Space. As one can see this is the area that was burned recently by a wildfire. After our walk, we drove back home with a stop at Kmart first to return some stuff.

We got back home just in time for lunch. Afterward, Dianne and I went to Costco in Concord to get some groceries they don’t have in Antioch. It was very busy there, took us about 15 minutes to get a parking spot. Getting back home it was time to rest, which I did as well as uploading today’s pictures and start working on my posting, which I finished after dinner. As it is our norm by now we watched a movie on TV after dinner before calling it a Day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-09-02 – At Lime Ridge Open Space