2018-09-04 Recovery Day 547

Today was a better day. It started off good with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain, however, the shoulder pain was at a higher level. After my walk, the shoulder pain was back to the normal level. During the day the level went up and down. I took some Tylenol which helped a bit. All around it was a better day.

Activity-wise I did my morning walk with Dean, which helped bring down the shoulder pain a bit. After the walk, I rested and uploaded today’s PICTURES which were mostly of trees in my neighborhood.

At lunch I had visitors, Bruce Butterworth and his wife Chris. Bruce was the US Head of Delegation (HoD) to UNECE/WP.4, the working group and Group of experts responsible to International Trade and UN/EDIFACT, until 1991, that was the last time I had a long private conversation the day he resigned. We had short but good meeting getting an update of our lives since our last time we met. Chris and Bruce were on their way to SFO to return to Washington, DC and I went to my support group meeting.

The support group meeting was without anything special topic this time, we just talked about each members week. Afterward, I had a blood draw, getting ready for next week’s treatment.

Being back home I rested again, bring my shoulder pain down. I did little for the rest of the day, except for writing this posting and helping Dianne with little tasks. She prepared a surprise dinner for us, which was Macaroni/Cheese Casserole; Dianne’s Dad’s favored. Dinner was great, afterward, we continued to watch some TV, before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-04 – Walking through the neighborhood