2018-09-05 Recovery Day 548 [UPDATED]

Today was a so-so day. It started off good with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain. Shortly around 10:00, after my outing at Big Break’s short Delta News session, I again had spasms in my left arm. They lasted until about noon. The rest of the day things were back to normal.

Activity-wise in the early morning I visited the Big Break Regional Shoreline for attending the ‘Coffee Talk – Docent Enrichment‘ session. Before the session I took some PICTURES of the park, entitled ‘Early morning at Big Break Regional Shoreline‘. Getting back home I had to deal with the spasms in my left arm, which lasted to about noon. I stayed home to rest until Dianne came home. Dianne and I went for a 45-minute walk which was great.

Returning home we rested until dinner time. For dinner we had Chili con carne and salad, afterward, we continued to watch some TV, before calling it a day.

UPDATE: Shortly after 6:00 PM I stand to get pain in my left knee that increased to a very high pain level. The Tylenol I took at 6:00 did not help. I went to bed at 7:30 hoping that resting and having a cold compression would help, it did not. Dianne gave me some Baclofen as well, which helped last time with my spasms, it did not help either. I finally at 9:00 took some Dilaudid, again no help. Dianne suggested that I listen to my music, which I did it to get my mind off the pain for a while, bottom-line, the pain finally stopped around 1:00 AM. However, it started back up around 3:00 and lasted to about 4:40.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-05 – Early morning at Big Break Regional Shoreline