2018-09-07 Recovery Day 550

Today was another good day. Good days are those that start off with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain. For the rest of the day there should be no pain except for the surgery related shoulder pain and depending on the actives some back pain that will go away with resting or by taking some Tylenol. Today was such a day, with a little bit of back pain from the garden activity, see below.

Activity-wise I went with Dean for our morning walk along the street construction work on Fawn Hill Way replacing the water main pipes. I took many PICTURES of the construction work. I also to some photos of the old fire station’s yard that is used to store the dirt of the trench that is dug. Once the pipe is laid into the trench the dirt is loaded back onto the trucks to deliver it back into the trench.

After our walk Dean and I when shopping at ACE Hardware and Lowe’s for some wood screws. Getting back home it was time to get ready for lunch with my Premenos colleague. Today Bill and Suzan did not join Larry, Greg and myself. As always we had some good discussions, such as mesh networks.

After Larry and Greg left, I started to clean the fountain and watered the flowers. The activity required some bending which resulted in some back pain, which did go away soon after. Shortly after Dianne came home to pick me up to go grocery shopping at Safeway.

Getting back home we watched some TV waiting for Dieter and Carsten to arrive for the weekend from Valencia. They arrived shortly after 5:00, just in time for dinner, which was home-made gyros and chips. After our dinner, we watch some more TV before retiring for the day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-07 – Replacing Water Main Pipes along Fawn Hill Way