2018-09-09 Recovery Day 552

Today was a so-so day. Starting with the health-related issues, for most of the day, there was no back pain. The morning started off with my stomach not feeling too good. I had breakfast hoping it would help, but it did not. Around 10:30 I decided to go with Dianne down to the waterfront for a short walk since this has in the past help with settling my stomach. It did work, for the rest of the day I was fine no more stomach issues.

Activity-wise it was not a busy day. It started with Dianne and I going down to the Antioch Marina to walk along the waterfront and taking some PICTURES. Getting back home it was not yet time for lunch.

Dean had called me on the way back home to check if I wanted to go shopping at Kmart since they are going out off business and just have lowered their prices. I agreed and instead of waiting for lunch I took some Saltine crackers and water.

There was not much at Kmart, except a Raiders shirt discounted from $25.00 to $10.00. Dean and I also went to Harbor Freight where I got some paint pushes for Dianne and Lowe’s where Dean got some items for his sprinkler system. I got home in time for a late lunch, making a dark rye sandwich with spreadable Swiss cheese for Dianne and me.

Afterward, we started to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend by watching some movies and episodes of DCI Banks, a BBC show. Dinner came around quickly, we had leftovers from yesterday. Afterward, we continued resting by watching TV shows before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-09 – Walking along the Waterfront at Antioch’s Marina