2018-09-10 Recovery Day 553

Today was a excellent day, right from the start. No dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. The only pain encountered was some back pain and elevated shoulder pain due to the activity I did around lunch time. Taking two Tylenol took care of the back pain. As to the shoulder pain, the level dropped back to normal during my lunchtime rest.

Activity-wise it was a bit of a busy day. It started a Skype call with Jurgen in Braunschweig Germany, my German Hometown. Next up was Dean taking me in to “The Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta“. We started along the Holland Tract, some of the PICTURES are about the light reflection on the water. Our trip ended driving trough Bethel Island taking more photos.

We got back home at lunchtime. After preparing and eating my lunch, which also served as a rest period, I spend about an hour outside working on the fountain, fixing the problem of water escaping because of the base not being balanced correctly. For now, I did a quick fix, on the coming weekend I will fix it permanently.

Next activity was watering all our flowers in the backyard, which took a bit longer because of the heat today, requiring some stops to drink water. Getting back inside I start working on the setup of my mesh network. You may ask why does it take so long. The main reasons are that my locations inside the house were WIFI access is needed is not that simple, the layout and wiring within the house are pre WIFI days, and finally doing the switch from old to new will need to be done during a time when there is little internet requirement.

Just before Dianne came home, my uncle Don in Canada returned my FaceTime request. Since we have not talked for some time, we had a long FT call.

Afterward, I joined my wife in relaxing a bit before dinner time. After dinner, we continued resting by watching TV shows before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-10 – Inside “The Delta”