2018-09-14 Recovery Day 557

Another excellent day, without any dizziness, stomach queasiness, back pain or bone pain all day long. All that was there was the discomfort of the shoulder, which today was at a higher than normal, not sure why. It was the fourth day in a row that I had no pain. Today was also the second day after my all-day treatment. The next two days should be interesting since in the past this was the days with bad side effects.

Activity-wise the day started with taking some PICTURES in the early morning of some very interesting cloud formations. I again used bracketing to get three shots of each scene to pick from and learn more about exposure.

After that, it was time for my morning walk with Dean. Afterward, we went grocery shopping at Costco. I got back in time for my luncheon with my ex-Premonus colleague. As always we had not only a good lunch but also a great conversation.

After lunch, I relaxed and used some time to test the setup of my wireless and WIFI security cameras. Soon it was time for me to get ready for our dinner outing, since at 3:30 Dianne and I would go with our neighbors, Dean and Margaret, to the Dead Fish in Crockett for dinner. We had a great time at the Dead Fish, enjoying a great meal. It was my first real outing with Dianne and friends since my illness.

Getting back home it was time for me to upload this morning’s pictures and write this posting before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-14 – Early morning clouds