2018-09-16 Recovery Day 559

Today was not a good day. Today’s start was unexpected since I never had just dizziness, especially at a very severe level. The unexpected part is, that I had no stomach issues. I, therefore, stayed upstairs since walking down the stairs did not sound like a good idea.

Dianne brought me my breakfast upstairs, since resting to about 10:00 did not improve my situation. I encountered no problems eating the breakfast nor taking my medication afterwards; a good sign.

Since the dizziness did not improve, Dianne helped me to get downstairs to get ready for a short walk around the neighborhood, which in the past has helped. However, today it did not help, even without taking any pictures.

I turned out I had to cut my walk short as suddenly my stomach acted up to the point of almost having to throw up. I did make it home thanks to Dianne’s help and walking very slowly.

Once home Dianne helped me to take a few PICTURES in the front yard of some special guests visiting us. Since our guests are very small and move fast I only got five (5) photos in fifteen (15) minutes. BTW, you have to look very closely to see them in three (3) of the online photos.

For the rest of the day, I rested since I had a hard time staying focused and awake. Overall, it was not a good day, but it was not a bad day either. I hope the side effects are over, as they have been in the past.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-16 – Front Yard Visitors