2018-09-17 Recovery Day 560

Today was a better day than yesterday day, still not great but almost a good day.
Still having dizziness and stomach problems. I took a Zofran for it which did help after a while. I rested a bit, watching some of the Raider’s game I had recorded, before starting my walk with Dean.

For our walk today we first had to take a drive to Emeryville. Getting there took us a bit longer thanks to the end of the rush hour traffic that had not died down. We finally did get to Emery Gove Marina to start our walk along the waterfront to take some PICTURES. It was rather cold today so we turned around at the Emeryville Marina. On the way back we walked across the park in front of the Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant.

Driving back home we stopped in Pleasant Hill at the Union Bank for me to do some business that could not be done online or an ATM. We got back home around lunch.

I had to get ready for a contractor that was scheduled to come by, as well as doing some work on replacing my weather station. Dianne came home later to pick me up to do some grocery shopping for a surprise dinner she had planned for tonight. The dinner was great, it was “Chicken Parmesan with Angle Hair“.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-17 – Emery Cove Marina