2018-09-18 Recovery Day 561

Today was like yesterday, today was another almost good day. Still having dizziness and stomach problems in the early morning, which after taking a Zofran helps controlling it for the rest of the day. In addition, I also had some back pain at the start of the day, which I controlled with Tylenol. During the day I encountered a few times, for short periods, bone pain on my right hip and left knee. It lasts each time for about 10 minutes. These pains are the side effects of the Zometa and are a normal occurrence after a treatment. They normally stop after a week.

Our walk today was along our normal route along the path parallel to Country Hill Drive. The subject for today’s PICTURES was to represent strengths, such as a chain holding things, or a weed breaking through the sidewalk surface.

After the walk, Dean and I took a quick trip to Lowe’s to order a new outdoor door for the garage. As it turns out we were not able to do so since the door expert was not there. His working hours are after 12:00 (noon). Guess we have to go back, but not today since it is support group day.

Getting back home it was time for lunch and getting ready for attending the support group meeting. Dean dropped me off at the local cancer center for the meeting. It was an interesting meeting since only about a third of the regular group members showed up. Regardless it was a good session with interesting topics. HIPA rules forbid me to provide more details.

After the meeting, Dianne took me home. Once home she did some work in the backyard, with me keeping her company and helping out where I could. Soon it was time to get dinner ready. After dinner, we watch some episodes of Elementary before calling a day.

Picture of the Day
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