2018-09-19 Recovery Day 562

Today was a good day. No dizziness, stomach problems, or bone pain getting up this morning. I did have some back pain at the start of the day, which I controlled with Tylenol. No health-related issues during the day which was a good sign that the side effects from the treatment day seem to be over, especially those from the Zometa.

Being Wednesday I walked alone. My walk today was along Deerfield Drive, Fawn Hill Drive, and Sterling Hill Drive. The subject for today’s PICTURES was to represent ‘strong as a rock’.

After getting back from my walk I got ready to go out with Bob another MM patient for a chat and coffee at Starbucks. I meet Bob at one of my treatment days, I got some hydration he finished his treatment, same as mine. Dianne introduced us, but because of scheduling conflicts, we just got now together. We had a good chat and agreed to do it soon again.

I had to be back shortly before lunch to meet our floor and grout cleaner, Francisco. For the next 2 hours, my movements in the house were limited. I spend that time trying to get my new weather station online with a number of weather report sites. It was a bit more difficult then I thought. I think I got it figured out, but it takes a few days to sync with these sites.

After Dianne got home we dropped our new car off for some warranty work on the brakes. Getting back it was dinner time. After dinner, we watch some TV before calling a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-09-19 – Zen Camera – Lesson 2 – Awareness, Exercise: Mirrors & Windows, Day 2