2018-09-20 Recovery Day 563

Today was a good day, until the evening. No dizziness, stomach problems, or bone or back pain getting up this morning. No health related issues related to the treatment during the day which was a good sign that the side effects from the treatment day seem to be over, especially those from the Zometa. However as the evening approaches my shoulder pain acted up, this time no Tylenol helped, only rest did.

Our walk today was along the trail parallel to Country Hill and Montana Drive. Since it is a trail owned by the city, there is no name, maybe we should create one. The subject for today’s PICTURES to represent ‘flexible’ as the sign of good leadership. It was a tough one to find photos for, Dean and I finally agreed that tall trees in our neighborhood are flexible otherwise they would not withstand the high winds we have.

After getting back from the walk Dean helped me to mount my three (3) outdoor security cameras. I finally decided on using the BLINK security system cameras from Amazon. They are wire-free, using Lithium Batteries that last up to 2 years. Having tested the system for the last 2 weeks, allowing me to return it, I found them to be great covering the area I wanted. Besides the one time expenditure, there is no monthly fee nor a storage fee. Check it out!

After lunch, I spend time on the setup for my new weather station. I finally got the sensor data transmitted correctly from the console to the Ambient Weather database. Of all the mistakes I made it was that I entered the timezone hour difference wrong, I forgot the minus sign inferno of the 8 (hours). That from the editor in charge of ISO 8601 (Representation of dates and times).

Next task was to finalize my Canadian Pension application with the correct bank information for direct deposit. Since it is a transfer across a border, Canada to USA I needed to fill out a special form and was no longer able to apply online, but instead I had to use paper forms.

I had planned to go this evening (6:15 PM to 8:45 PM) to a special Big Break Docent Enrichment: Bat Survey At Big Break session, however at the end of the afternoon my shoulder pain acted up, this time no Tylenol, helped only rest did, I therefore canceled my participation.

Just before dinner, Dean dropped by to see if I wanted to go with him to the near grocery store since he needed a few items. Since Dianne needed something for the Lentil soup she had planned to prepare, I went with him. Getting back it was soon dinner time. After dinner, we watch a movie on TV before calling a day.

Pictures of the Day
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