2018-09-22 Recovery Day 565

Today was another excellent day, no dizziness, stomach problems, or bone or back pain getting up this morning. For most of the day, I had no real pain issues. The reason for using the term real is that I was very active in my office, which caused some discomfort with my shoulder, something I knew would happen, and is not something that will go away soon. It is my choice to do nothing, no shoulder discomfort, or do something resulting in a discomfort that is within the limits I accept.

Our walk today was with Dianne along the path between the houses parallel to Country Hill and back home. The subject for today’s PICTURES was to represent something new, a subject I have not used. Dianne suggested to take photos of ‘thin‘ things, so I did.

After getting back from our walk I started to get ready for some cleanup work in my office. Dianne was leaving for most of the day with a friend for some ‘girl’ time, giving me time to figure out how and where to store all my photos and music files.

I spend the next six hours in my office updating one of my Linux servers, figured out how to download photos of my old and out-of-service iPhone and rearrange my photos on my NAS drive. All in all, it was a busy day at the office.

By the time Dianne got back, it was almost dinner time. After dinner, we watch a movie on TV before and called it a day.

Pictures of the Day
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