2018-09-23 Recovery Day 566

Another excellent day, with no dizziness, stomach problems, bone or back pain. One may argue that I have reached the end of the road to recovery now that I have so many excellent days. It is not that simple since full recovery would mean as a minimum that I can do all my physical activities without any restrictions or pain. For now, and the last 566 days that has not been the case, nor will it in the near future, therefore I am still on the road to recovery.

My walk with Dianne was again along the path between the houses parallel to Country Hill and back home, with the subject for today’s PICTURES was to capture things that are ‘thick‘ such as the underbrush or thick tree trunks.

After getting back from our walk I help out a bit in the garden, cleaning the fountain and sorting out what we have on lawn fertilizer. After that, I worked in my office for a bit making backup copies of a number of Exercise DVDs. By the time I was done it was lunch time.

After lunch, we watched two movies until dinner. During the movies, I uploaded today’s photos trying to work out at the same time a new and possible better workflow utilizing my own NAS drives and cloud storage such as Flickr and Amazon’s Photo. Just before dinner, I helped Dianne with fertilizing our lawn.

After dinner, we watch some more TV before and calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
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