2018-09-25 Recovery Day 568

Another excellent day, with no dizziness, stomach problems, bone or back pain. There is not more to report about my health status for today, neither my walk nor my activities caused an increase in my various pain levels.

Today started with me fixing my web server issue. Having had a good sleep, not thinking about the issue, it took me 10 minutes to set up the gateway to gain access to my web servers. I apologize to all of you who tried to gain access to my website but found out they could not. As mention in my report from yesterday, the problem was with the AT&T 2Wire Gateway and it is management software not allowing me to delete the old firewall setup without a factory reset.

After breakfast it was time for my walk with Dean. Today’s walk was like yesterday along the trail in Diablo West Park. Today’s theme was like yesterday to shot PICTURES of the neighborhood’s backyards. The difference for today was that I did not limit the style of any special backyards, but included all that were along the trial. There is one photo that is not a backyard, it is a bush whose leaves have started to turn red, a sign that fall is here,

Being Tuesday it was Support Group Day. It was a good session. Afterwards, Denise drop me off at home. I spend the next two hours working on my new computer setup to store my pictures and the backup of them. Since I have close to 60,000 photos, of which half of them are identified and store the way I want to, it will take time to do the same to the other half. You may say, since I am retired, what is the problem, you have lots of time. I thought so too but have learned that there are lots of things that I must do with a higher priority.

I stopped working on my computer setup, after having uploaded today’s pictures and it was dinner time. We started to watch some TV during dinner and continued to do so until it was time to call it a day.

Pictures of the Day
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