2018-09-26 Recovery Day 569

Another excellent day! Again, after getting and, for the rest of the day, no dizziness, stomach problems, bone or back pain. As to my health status for today, neither my walk nor my activities caused an increase in my various pain levels.

Today started with me walking alone since it is Wednesday, Dean’s personal day. Since I planned to take photos in Pittsburg later this afternoon, I did not take any photos during my walk. Today’s walk was along the path parallel to Country Hills crossing over to Deerfield and Fawn Hill and Deermeadow. The walk was 2.3 miles with an elevation change of 180 feet and it took me 55 minutes.

Getting back home I worked in my office until lunchtime. After lunch, Dianne picked me up to join her going to the DMV to get her Driver’s License renewed. Currently, you can’t get an appointment until December 5th and her License expires long before that. The only choice left was to go to the DMV without an appointment, which most people do.

As I mentioned my plan was to take PICTURES of the Contra Costa Canal from the trail a block from the DMV. Sadly the gates were locked for some time, so the photos were taken through the chain linked fence.

Getting back home I went back to my office sorting out some paperwork and uploaded today’s pictures. Soon it was dinner time. We started to watch some TV during dinner and continued to do so until it was time to call it a day.

Pictures of the Day
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