2018-09-27 Recovery Day 570

Another excellent day with an excellent health status, no morning issues nor doing the day, even with the big change in the afternoon getting on a boat to visit an island in the San Francisco Bay.

Today started with me packing our luggage for the trip to The East Brother Light Station Island later this afternoon. The next activity was walking alone since Dianne and Denise spend time shopping. After they got back, I finished the packing, I was done just in time for lunch.

After lunch I relaxed, getting ready for Dean driving us to the pickup location for the boat ride to The East Brother Light Station Island at the Point of San Pablo, east of the Richmond Bridge.

We had some time at the pickup location, so I took a few photos of the small marina with boats and about ten moving houses, not houseboats, real homes floating on water. We got promptly picked up at 4:00 pm, the boat ride was about 15 minutes. After arriving at the island we dropped our luggage off in our room and went outside walking around the small island to get familiar with it.

At 5:00 we had champagne and hors-d’oeuvres and started to introduce ourselves to the other guests. We started to become a close netted group of visitors we hit it off very quickly. This continued with us enjoying the dinner and the great conversation.

Our Light Station hosts had arranged the four-course dinner so that after 2 courses we could go outside to enjoy the sunset and take some great PICTURES of the sunset and its reflection on the water. After the sun had set we went back inside to finish the other two courses and our conversations.

After dinner, we talked for a while before retrieving to our rooms around 8:30. There was no TV, internet, in any of our rooms, I started to upload today’s pictures to my laptop and started to write my blog posting, to be uploaded when we are back home on Saturday evening.

Pictures of the Day
2018-09-27 – The East Brother Light Station Island, Day 1