2018-09-28 Recovery Day 571

Another excellent day on the island with no health issues. A great day helping me with my recovery. The island is only three-quarters of an acre, and one would think what is there to do? There is lots to do, watching the birds, boats, and seals, or just relaxing in one of the various meditation locations.

Today started with sleeping into 7:30 AM. Since breakfast was not until 9:00, we went around 8:00 outside enjoying the fresh air and a cup of coffee. Other guest joined us and mentioned that there were seals sleeping on a rock close to the island. We all went there to take some pictures.

The breakfast was as great as last night’s dinner, so much to eat. Around 10:00 Che gave us a tour of the Fog House, and at the end of it he demonstrated how it worked in the past since now it is being replaced by a smaller horn that is outside on the east-side powered by solar power that has also a battery array. The horn sounds every 30 seconds for 5 seconds.

The four groups left the island at 11:00, leaving us as the only guests until 4:00 PM when the next four group of 8 visitors will join us. From about 11:00 to 4:00 PM we relaxed, had lunch at 1:00 PM, went up to the top of the Light Chamber to walk around the outside deck to take some PICTURES from above.

We went outside around 3:00 PM to have a cup of tea with a cookie enjoying the afternoon sun and increasing wind. I even used this time to compose this posting. Around 3:45 PM both keepers, Che and Julian took the boat over to the Marina to pick up tonight’s guests, since only Dianne and I were left on the island, Che asked us if we were willing to stay on as Lighthouse Keepers for the next 30 minutes. We agreed to do so, becoming for 30 minutes real Lighthouse Keepers. Since there were 8 guests to transport, Che had to make two trips.

The rest of the day was a repeat of last night, except for the new guests. Around 5:00 PM we had Champaign and Hors d’oeuvres with the new arrivals. By six o’clock we were served, with a different menu, our four-course meal again. Like last night, after two courses we went outside to enjoy the sunset. After the sun had set we went back inside to finish the other two courses.

After dinner, we talked for a while before went to our rooms around 8:30. Since we are leaving tomorrow around 11:00 we started to do some packing before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-09-28 – The East Brother Light Station Island, Day 2