2018-09-29 Recovery Day 572

Another excellent day on the island and mainland with no health issues. It was a hectic day with lots of actives mentally and physically without any increase of my pain levels or new ones popping up. There is not much more I can say about my health other than it was a good day.

Today started with sleeping into 7:30 AM. Since breakfast is served at 9:00, we went outside to walk around 8:00 enjoying the fresh air and a cup of coffee. Soon other guests joined us and before you knew it we were having conversations about how great last night’s dinner was and other topics, mostly about ourselves.

The breakfast was as good as the one the day before, maybe a touch better. Around 10:00 Che gave his tour of the Fog House which we skipped since we had been part of it yesterday. Instead, we finished packing and moved our language down to the dock. This being a good day weather-wise allowing me to see a bit more of the San Francisco skyline, I took some more PICTURES before it was time to leave the island.

Around 10:40 Che came down to the dock to start with the loading process. Around 10:50 we were ready to take off for our ride back to the mainland. Our visit officially around 11:00 when we were back on the mainland.

Shortly thereafter Dean arrived to pick us up to go home, the long way. The long way started with a trip to the Graton Resort and Casino located in Rohnert Park. We had a light lunch at the Casino before Dianne and Dean started using their luck on the gaming floor. I started to do some walking around the various walkways inside the casino, resting every so often. We started our way back around 4:00 PM and arrived home just in time for dinner.

After dinner, we chatted with Denise for a while about our trip before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-09-29 – The East Brother Light Station Island, Day 3