2018-10-01 Recovery Day 574

Today was a excellent day with no health issues all day long. There is nothing more to add. I also got today the last five Immunization shots completing the rebuilding of my immune system that was wiped out during my stem cell treatment.

After breakfast I spend time in my office to upload the 500 photos I shot during our 2-day Lighthouse vacation. It was a slow process uploaded them to Flickr. By 8:30 I went across the street to meet Dean and start our morning walk. Today we went to the Black Diamond Mines entering from the Frederickson Lane. We walk along the Homestead Trail towards the Contra Loma Regional Park entry. Today’s subject to take PICTURES was Trees.

Returning back home, I went to my office to continue to work on the uploaded the photos taken on the island. Soon it was lunchtime for me to take a break before continuing with sorting and uploading photos to Flickr, as well as writing and uploading my blog posts for the last four days.

Dianne pick me up in time to go to my primary doctor for my last five immunization shoots completing the rebuilding of my immune system that was wiped out during my stem cell treatment. Getting back home I spend some time checking my calendar entries for upcoming events before working on this posting. Before I knew it it was dinner time.

After dinner, I continued with today’s posting and the photos I took. My efforts were interrupted by the doorbell, it was Amazon’s delivery service which delivered the promised replacement for the non-functional Show Mode Charging Dock. Taken a few minutes to stop working on my posting, I connected the HD 10 Tablet to the dock and found that the replacement work, confirming my earlier diagnosis that the problem was with the small white connector.

There is not more to report, write about. It was a busy day, I watch some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-01 – Along the Homestead Trail in Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve