2018-10-03 Recovery Day 576

Today was like yesterday another great day, with no health issues all day long. Like yesterday, it could have been an excellent day had it not been again for some soreness in my joints, such as my knees, hips, etc. There is nothing else to add, other than making the point that this is the second day in a row that could have been excellent.

After getting up, and before breakfast, I took same PICTURES of the dark clouds that looked like rain clouds. We had no rain, but it did rain not too far away north of Contra Costa County.

After breakfast, I got ready to go to the Big Break Regional Shoreline’s Visiting Center to attend the Docent Delta News and Coffee Talk. Dean came by to take me at 8:00 to the BBRS VC. Today’s topic for the News and Coffee Talk was the Dutch Slough Tidal Restoration Project.

By 9:30 Dianne came to take me home since Dean had commitment he could not get out. Getting back home I rested for an hour as my bone pain had kicked in. After that, I got ready for my friend Joe to come by for a Lunch visit.

After Joe left, I started to upload today’s pictures and started to work on my posting. In addition, I finished the letter I started yesterday about the new location for the Cancer Support Group. By the time I was done it was supper time.

After dinner, I continued to work on today’s posting. There is not more to write about, other than that we had a small rain shower, around 5:00 PM, that dropped very little rain. It was a busy day, so I watch some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-03 – Dark [Rain?] Clouds