2018-10-04 Recovery Day 577

In how many ways can I say the same? Here is number three: Today was like yesterday another great day, with no health issues all day long. Like yesterday, it could have been an excellent day had it not been again for some soreness in my joints, such as my knees, hips, etc. There is nothing else to add, other than making the point that this is the third day in a row that could have been excellent.

After getting up, and after breakfast, I had a FaceTime session with Ray to catch up on a number of things, including updates on our health. Shortly after Ray’s call, Ron, my brother-in-law called me via FT. We had not talked for a long time. Ron’s birthday was 2 days ago, and he is getting ready for some major knee surgery on 6th.

After the calls, I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. Today I took same PICTURES of the first group of trees whose leaves are starting to show the start of color change. Once it starts it goes sometimes rather quickly, I plan to continue to go record their progress.

After our walk we went grocery shopping at Costco. The next stop was the UPS Store for me to drop-off an Amazon Return Package. Dean went next door to do his groceries shopping at Lucky’s. By the time we returned home, it was Noon, lunchtime.

After lunch, I started to upload today’s pictures to my Flickr account. BTW, this involves some action before doing so, like converting the meaningless filenames given by the camera to something that makes sense. If you are interested in the details, visit this OLD ARTICLE, ignore the Update Notice as I am back on MacOS. Some details have changed since then as well, such as the Aperture program being replaced by Photos, which I don’t use.

Anyway, after having dealt with today’s photos, I tried to set up my Yubico Key for my iPhone but ran into a problem in trying to restore the key to the factory setting. In case you wonder what this key is, try this LINK. I gave up for today and started to draft today’s posting, which I will complete after dinner since dinner time had approached. For dinner, we had Burgers with Poutine Fries.

After dinner, I continued to work on today’s posting. There is not more to write about. It was a busy day, so I watch some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-04 – Start Of The Fall Color Change