2018-10-06 Recovery Day 579

Today was a great day, almost excellent if it were not for the continuing lower back and upper shoulder pain for the last few days. The pain did not slow me down too much, but I did have to rest after my morning walk and our visit to the Smith Family Farm.

Being Saturday, I got up a bit late, had my breakfast before going for my walk with Dianne. After the walk I laid down for a while, resting my back and shoulder. Shortly before lunch, we went for a visit to the Smith Family Farm Pumpkin Harvest, enjoying a day out on the farm and picking out the perfect pumpkin. Actually we each pick our pumpkin at the end of our visit, before that we had a quick lunch and walk around the farm.

There was live music, encounters with farm animals, an observation beehive, an herb garden, a replica Native American village and a great place for young children to get a feeling of a real, working farm. For me, it offered many opportunities to take many PICTURES.

We ended our visit with a mile-long hayride that took us to the pumpkin patch, where each of us can pick their own pumpkin of any size. We went back on the hayride and got off at the parking lot to end our visit.

We did not go home right away but stopped for Dianne and Denise at Cost Plus/World Market and I went to Barnes and Noble instead. After our detour, our final stop was home. After unpacking our goodies we got at the farm and Cost Plus, Denise and Dianne went back out for some grocery shopping, I stayed behind to rest since my back and shoulder started to hurt again.

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting while uploading today’s pictures and writing this post. There is not more to write about. It was a busy but great day, ending with watching some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-06 – Visiting Smith Family Farms