2018-10-08 Recovery Day 581

Today was another excellent day, like yesterday my lower back pain was almost gone, which is a great improvement. I continue to have to deal with my upper shoulder pain, which is normal as it is tied to my spine surgery. Having spent over an hour laying in the dentist chair did not help much with my shoulder pain, however, my lower back pain did ok.

Being Monday, a weekday, I am back to my daily routine, getting up around 7:00, having breakfast and getting ready for my morning walk with Dean. Today we first drove to the Antioch Marina for our walk inside the DOW Wetland. It has changed a bit from the last time we went there. Much of the green has turned into California Gold, a clear sign of Fall has arrived. I got some good PICTURES showing the change. We walked for about 90 minutes and 2.4 miles with an elevation change of 13 feet. All in all a good walk to start the week.

Getting back home I rested for a bit before uploading the pictures from today and preparing them for upload to Flickr. Afterward, I got ready for my visit to the Dentist to prepare and get a temporary crown. Dean dropped me off at the dentist. I spend about 75 minutes laying in the dentist chair. Thanks to their help in making sure my back was comfortable, adjusting the chair and using pillows, both my lower back and shoulder did not suffer too much.

Dianne picked me up and since it was late afternoon we went home. I rested for a bit since dinner time was fast approaching. After dinner, I spend the rest of the afternoon writing this post. There is nothing more to write about. It was a very good day, ending with watching some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-08 – Fall in the DOW Wetlands