2018-10-09 Recovery Day 582

Today was a OK day, because of my lower back pain has surfaced again. In addition, my hip pain also was back and my upper shoulder pain, even so, it is normal for it to be present, the level was higher than normal. The good news, no issue regarding my temporary crown I got yesterday.

I started my day with a quick breakfast since I had a scheduled a very early FaceTime call with Ray. After my call, I started my morning walk with Dean. Today’s theme was the change of the leaves color. This is the second set of these type of PICTURES and I am very sure there will be many more as the fall colors progress to more tree and bushes.

Getting back home I rested for a bit uploading the pictures from today to my NAS drive and from there to Flickr. Afterward, I got ready for my visit to the Support Group at the local Cancer Center. Before I went over to Dean’s to drop me off, I had some lunch. Since I left my Baseball Cap at the dentist yesterday, Dean took a small detour, before dropping me off at the center.

There is not much I can report about the meeting because of privacy issues. After we were done, Dianne picked me up and we went home. I rested for a bit before helping Dianne with clearing out the kitchen cupboards, in preparation for the painter to start painting them white. We got most of it done before dinner and finished the rest after dinner.

There is nothing more to write about. It was an OK-day since my hip pain did not go totally away. The day ended with us watching some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-09 – Fall Color Change, Set 2