2018-10-10 Recovery Day 583

Today was again a good day, again, no dizziness, but a bit of stomach queasiness after getting up and some bone pain on and off all day long. The back pain was almost gone for today, all that was there was the discomfort of the shoulder, which feels like a low-level pain for a lack of a better word. Today was my monthly all-day treatment day.

I started my day very early with a quick breakfast since our painter was scheduled to arrive by 7:00. I had some time before that so I decided to take some before PICTURES of the kitchen, titled “What a Mess!”. I will do it again tomorrow and on Friday to have a record of progression.

After the painter had arrived and we went through some questions and details, I got ready for Dean to drop me off at the Cancer Center. The first thing they did was a blood test to check on my platelets, which were low last time. Guess what, they were low again. BTW, I was having a FaceTime call with Ray when the results came back. My platelet count was very low I was asked again to stop taking Pomalyst (chemo pill). I had 7 days more to go. I will restart taking them after 14 days off for 21 days. Further, my dosage will be reduced from 4mg to 3mg. The next 7 days will tell if the platelet count has recuperated and what side effects showed up.

Activity-wise there was not much since the treatment is all day. Before going to the treatment, I was able to upload today’s photo to my NAS Drive and Flickr. Since I took my laptop with me I used it to listen to an audiobook and watch an Amazon Original Movie. In between, I did some file maintenance.

After my treatment was over Dianne took me home. After a short rest dinner was ready. That’s all to write about. It was a good day even with my hip pain not going totally away. The day ended with us watching some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-10 – What a Mess!