2018-10-12 Recovery Day 585

Today was another great day, again with no, dizziness, stomach issues, back or bone pain. One well-known side effect for this type of treatment is constipation, knock on wood, so far this is not a problem. All that was there is on the negative side is the discomfort of the shoulder, which feels like a low-level pain for a lack of a better word. This is day two after my full treatment day on Wednesday.

I started my day very early with a quick breakfast since Ray asked for a FaceTime call around 7:00. Our painter was scheduled to arrive not as early as before, today he arrived by 8:00. Like the days before I had some time before my walk to take some progress PICTURES of the kitchen, titled “What a Mess! – Day 3”. I will take more pictures tomorrow and on Sunday, to have a record of progression.

After the painter had arrived and Dean and I went for our morning walk. Activity-wise there we had to make two trips to get some touch-up paint. The first was to Kelly-Moore and the other to Lowe’s. One interesting thing we learned is that trying to buy one quart of paint for touch-ups is not that simple, you can get a gallon with no problems, especially if it is a stock version of a popular color, but even getting a single quart is a pain in the neck.

After returning home from our paint buying trip, it was time to get ready for the weekly Friday lunch with my ex-Premenos colleagues. Interesting enough, each of them taking a look at the kitchen suddenly recognized the quartz countertop and the glass backsplash, asking if this was part of the project as well. They seemed to have not recognized it before, even after it has been there for at least 8+ years.

After they left I rested for about an hour before Dianne came home and we went on a quick shopping trip to get some new shelving liner for the drawers and shelves. Getting back home we did some house cleaning downstairs. After a short rest dinner was ready. That is it for today. It was a great day with no treatment side effect for now. The day ended with us watching some TV before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-12 – What a Mess! – Day 3