2018-10-14 Recovery Day 587

Today was another great day, with a slow start. I did not sleep to well last night, getting up this morning was a bit slow as I did not feel too good. I only eat some toast with my camomile tea. The good news, it started feeling better as time progressed. For most of the day, I have had no dizziness, stomach issues, back or bone pain. Shortly before dinner my hips and shoulders started to hurt more than normal. It might be the result of being overactive this afternoon.

Activity-wise, Dianne and I had our morning walk after the painter had arrived and before the Raiders’ football game. The game was played in London, England, and as expected they lost. After the game was over, which was after lunch, Dean took me to Lowe’s to get some handles for the drawers in our the bathroom upstairs. Returning back home, I helped Dianne and Denise a bit with their efforts to clean the kitchen and put stuff back into the cupboards, at the same time minimizing where possible.

Shortly before dinner, I helped by watering the flowers in our backyard, cleaning and outing stuff away in the garage. I also started to take the last set of PICTURES to record the end of the work that started five days to remodel the kitchen.

Before we knew it, just in time, dinner time had arrived. That is it for today. It still was a great day with no real treatment side effect for the first time. The day ended with us watching some TV to relax before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-14 – What a Mess [it’s gone]! – Day 5

One thought on “2018-10-14 Recovery Day 587

  1. Klaus,

    What a great set of days you’ve put together. We thank God for answered prayers for you. Also, excellent results in your kitchen. It inspires me to make some improvements here in our log cabin in the woods. Please give me a call when you have some time. It’s been too long since we talked.


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