2018-10-15 Recovery Day 588

Today was another great day, with no slow start. I also sleep well, much better then the night before. However, like yesterday my hips and shoulders did, for most of the day, hurt more than normal. I contribute that to as a side effect to the treatment I received last week. Most of the pain does go away during my walk, but returns shortly after.

Before starting my daily activities, I started with my breakfast and getting ready for my FaceTime call with Ray. After the call, Dean and I had our morning walk. I was able to get a good set of PICTURES catching the color changes of the leaves on various trees. Dean has become a great photo opportunity spotter, which is a great help to have. Returning home, I helped Dean with cutting some lumber to size to fix a problem at his friend’s place.

Before I knew it, it was lunch time. After lunch I winterized our fountain by covering it with a super-sized garbage bag. After that I went to my office to test my new laptop setup, which includes adding LAN connection, external Monitor, USB-3 Hub, external Video Camera and speakers. I also started to upload today’s photos to my system, Flickr and Dropbox. The next two hours I spend on FaceTime talking to Paul and Kenji.

By the time I ended my call with Kenji, Dianne had arrived at home, we had our neighborhood friends over to let them pick some of the kitchen things we have put aside because of our minimizing efforts. After they left, we went upstairs to sort out our bathroom things. The only work left is to add the hardware, hinges and handles, some time next week. By the time we were done it was dinner time.

That is it for today. It still was a great day with no real treatment side effect for the first time, except for the hip and shoulder pain being a bit more then normal. The day ended with us watching some TV to relax before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-15 – Fall Color Change, Set 3