2018-10-16 Recovery Day 589

Today was another great day, great night sleep, great morning start. It could have been an excellent day, had it not been for my hips and shoulders pain for most of the day. The shoulder is from the spine surgery, whereas the hip pain is a side effect of the cancer treatment.

Like yesterday, I started with my breakfast to getting ready for my FaceTime call with Ray. After the call, Dean and I had our morning walk. I was able to get another good set of PICTURES catching the color changes of the leaves on various trees. Returning home, I spend some time to trying to figure out the best way to upload the 500+ GB of my photos onto Dropbox. Using the upload option would take a few days, there has to be a better way. So far I have not found it.

I stop at noon for lunch and got ready for Dean to drop me off at the cancer center for the support group meeting. It was a good meeting, however, I can’t talk about for privacy reasons. Dianne picked me up after the meeting and we went home. We spend some time to clean up the garage which served as a workshop during the kitchen remodeling. Afterward, we took a trip to the local store to buy a lottery ticket for tonight’s $667 Million Mega Million Draw.

Getting back home it was almost dinner time. We spend a bit more time on house cleaning before having dinner. That is it for today. In short – It was another great day, except for the hip and shoulder pain! The day ended with us watching some TV to relax before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-16 – Fall Color Change, Set 4