2018-10-17 Recovery Day 590

Today was a bad day, it started off not too bad. About two hours before getting up I had some dizziness and stomach issues, taking the medication for it got it under control by the time I got up. I had a good breakfast. However, during my morning walk, things started to act up. First, my left ankle started to hurt, I had to stop a few times. By the time I got home, my left hip hurt as well.

I had planned to do some computer work today, setting up another website, but the pain and sudden tiredness stopped me from doing so. Instead, I rested, only to fall asleep for a few hours. I woke up a bit after lunch. Haven eaten something, I spend some time preparing a template for drilling holes in the bathroom’s cabinet covers and drawers for the new handles.

Afterward, I did a bit housework before getting ready to upload today’s PICTURES which were about Leaves on the ground. I had planned to do some more work on my Dropbox Picture upload, but I fell asleep again. I work up just in time for Dianne to pick me up and take me for my follow-up doctor appointment.

My followup meeting was very positive, the lab results show that my numbers are stable, the cancer is resting for now. I did mention my uncle and hip pains that I have for the last week, we will keep watching and report any change, for now, it is just a side effect. MY chemo drug (Pomalyst) dosage has been reduced from 4mg to 3mg to help with controlling the platelet count, which at the moment is dropping too low when taking the drug for the 21 on/7 days cycle.

That is it for today. In short – It was NOT a GOOD day. The good news, I had LOTS of good days before, and one bad day is not that bad, as I am sure we will have many more good days again very soon! The day ended with us watching some TV to relax before calling it a day.

Pictures of the Day
2018-10-17 – Fallen Leaves