2018-10-23 Recovery Day 596

Today was a so-so day! Never count your good days too soon. Health-wise it was not as good as the past few days. The morning started off with some dizziness which disappears after a light breakfast of toast and tea. Starting my morning walk, the pain around my ankle increase to a level that I almost stop and did not walk. However, I did walk and the pain level decreased the long I walk. However, at the end of my walk, my hip pain had increased. During the day both, ankle and hip pain showed up when I walked for a few minutes.

Activity-wise, it was not a too busy day. After breakfast, I got ready for my morning walk with Dean around the neighborhood. We walk at locations we had not been for a while to take some PICTURES of trees with their changing leaves. Our hope was to catch them when they had turned red.

After returning home, I rested and watch some real football, Bayern München against AKE Athens in their UEFA Champions League game. It took some time before Bayern scored, but they did twice to finally win two games in a row.

After the game, I had lunch and got ready for Dean to drop me off for my afternoon cancer support group meeting. After the meeting, Dianne picked me up and we both went home. Dianne did some housework and I rested since my hip and ankle pain was back again. I used the rest time to upload today’s photos and write this posting.

That is it for today. In short – It was a so-so day. The day ended the way each day ends, with us doing a bit more TV watching to relax before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-10-23 – Fall Color Change, Set 5