2018-10-26 Recovery Day 599

Today was a so-so day! Health-wise it started off very well, but by late afternoon it got bad, some of it my own fault. Starting my morning walk, no pain around my ankle or hip, which was true for the whole day! However, my shoulder pain/soreness and lower-back got the worst of me because of spending three hours sitting in front of my computer. I overdid it.

Activity-wise, before breakfast, I went outside just before the start of the Dusk Sunrise to take the third set of pictures of the sun coloring the sky. I was able to catch some very good PICTURES that had more orange in them the two days before. After breakfast, I got ready for my morning walk with Dean around the neighborhood for an hour.

After our walk Dean and I went shopping at Costco. Returning home It was time for me to get ready for the Friday lunch with my ex-Premenos coworkers. Today Bill, Larry, and James were able to join me. It was Greg’s 62nd Birthday which he spent with his daughter.

After they left I spend the next three hours in my office in front of my computer trying to fix my website, “Klaus’ Korner“, which all my “Road to Recovery” posting go on. As mention yesterday, I upgraded the OS (Ubuntu) from 14.04 to 16.04. All my other websites, 4 of them a working after the upgrade, but Klaus’ Korner is not. What makes no sense is that two others are also running under WordPress with no problem.

I stopped trying to fix it after three hours because my lower back started to hurt. I guess the best way forward is to reinstall the old OS using the disk image I created yesterday using Clonezilla application.

That is it for today. In short – It was a so-so day. The day ended the way each day ends, with us doing a bit more TV watching to relax before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-10-26 – Coloring the Sky, Set 3