2018-10-29 Recovery Day 602

Today was another bad day! Health-wise things were not that good. The morning did start off OK, no real pain zones. The problem started during my morning walk as my lower and shoulder pain started up, slowly increasing in level. By the time I got back home, it was time to rest hoping for the pain would stop. As it turned out I rested for most of the day as my energy level was very low and the discomfort from the pain, including the added hip pain, just. Later during in the afternoon walking with Dianne, my arthritis pain kicked in, more than before.

Activity-wise, the day started with breakfast. After breakfast, I had a FaceTime session with Ray. Following the call I went for my walk with Dean, taking some PICTURES of Halloween Decorates. After returning back home I rested because of the pain level being up and my energy level being down.

It turns out that I did very little today, I tried twice to spend some time in my office to set up a new web service only to stop after about 30 minutes because of the increase of pain in my lower back and shoulder. In the afternoon I went for a walk with Dianne, during which my arthritis pain in my left ankle and both hips grow to a very high level. Because of it, we cut our walk short. I rested for the rest of the day.

That is it for today. In short – It was a bad day. The day ended with us doing some TV watching to relax before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-10-29 – Halloween Decorates