2018-10-31 Recovery Day 604

Today was a better day! Health-wise things started off very bad but got better during the day. The night was bad very bad as I had almost no sleep. My spasms in my left leg just got worth after going to bed. Even taken the medication, included Dilaudid, did nothing, nor did listen to music help falling asleep. Interesting enough, somewhere around 2:00 or 3:00 the spasms changed from the left leg to the right leg. I believe sometime around 4:00 I did get some sleep. I got up at 6:30, like every weekday. All I had was some shoulder pain, which stayed that way all day.

Activity-wise, the day started with my breakfast. After breakfast, I had a FaceTime session with Ray. Following the call I went for my walk without Dean, taking some PICTURES of Halloween Decorations. After returning back home I rested until lunch because of the shoulder’s pain level was up a bit.

After lunch, I spend some time upload today’s pictures and started this posting. I also spend time trying to figure out why my picture links stopped working. So far no luck to get the issue fixed. It turns out that I did little today, but more than yesterday. At mid-after, Dianne came home to pick me up to go to Safeway for some groceries. After returning home I continued with trying to restore my system until dinner time. After dinner, I continued working on this posting.

That is it for today. In short – It was a better day. The day ended with us doing our TV watching to relax before calling it a day.

Picture of the Day
2018-10-31 – Halloween Decorates, Set 2