2018-11-07 Recovery Day 611

Today was another good day! As to my health-related items, the day started off without any dizziness, stomach issues or hip and ankle pains. As to my shoulder’s comfort/pain level, it was at a very low level. However, I noticed a small lump on my right side, between the shoulder and hip. If pressed there is a pain. Currently, the size is about one inch. Since today is treatment day, I mention it to the nurse, who passed it on to my oncology doctor. She took notice, and since I will have a PET/CT tomorrow and an MRI on Friday, we will know what it is by the time I have my follow-up session, scheduled for next Wednesday.

Activity-wise, before breakfast, I did some followup work on my collaboration website I installed yesterday. After breakfast, I had a short FaceTime call with Ray. Short because I needed to get ready for my all-day Treatment session. After the call I went across the street to take some PICTURES off Mary’s front Yard, part of the current “Fall Back or Front Yards” theme. Getting back inside I quickly uploaded the photos to my laptop and after changing the filename to include the date and time, to Flickr.

After the uploading was done I packed up my laptop and the needed attachments to take to my treatment session. There is not much more to report since my session lasts for between seven to eight hours. I use that time to write this posting and work on the setups for a number of websites I have. Today I worked on Klaus’ Korner, getting the photo links to work again, and on my new Collaboration Website. I did not get both of them to the state I hoped for. There is always tomorrow.

Returning back home it was time to get dinner ready. I went to my office uploaded today’s pictures to Flickr. In addition, I spend time, until lunch, working on setting up a new online collaboration website (Open Atrium) under Drupal. The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was a good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-07 – “Seasonal Fall” Back or Front Yards, Set 7