2018-11-10 Recovery Day 614

Today was another so-so day! Starting with the health-related items, like yesterday, the day started with dizziness and stomach issues. My shoulder’s comfort/pain level was at the normally acceptable level and as to my hip or ankle pain, there was none. For most of the day, my stomach pain and dizziness did not go away, even with taking the medication as prescribed, if anything it kept it in check, not allowing to take over.

Activity-wise, the day started with Dianne and I going to Denny’s for breakfast, ignoring my stomach issues. The plan was to only eat half of it and see if my system tolerates it. I was lucky, it did tolerate my breakfast. As to the second half, that is for tomorrow. We returned home to drop off the take-out breakfast order for Denise.

As Dianne and I were about to leave for our grocery shopping trip, Denise noticed a Turkey Vultures in our backyard. I got my camera and took the first set of today’s PICTURES.

Our next trip was to go to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market, getting some vegetables, fruits, and bread. Our next stop was Costco and after that our last stop was Cardenas Market. Getting back home, I had to rest since my system finally was overloaded.

Denise and Dianne went out for another grocery shopping trip and I stayed home to rest and eat some chicken noodle soup that was leftover from yesterday. Just as I started the Turkey Vultures were back, the to take some more pictures.

Returning from taking the second set of pictures, I rested and started to upload the pictures, about two hours later the Turkey Vultures were back again, this time I took the last set using my other camera with a long lens.

Dianne and Denise return shortly after my last picture taking session from their shopping trip, by that time it was already late afternoon. I spend the rest of the day with more resting, which by the way help to reduce my shoulder and back pain drastically.

During my resting, I spend time to sort out the many pictures I took and started to write this post, which I finished after dinner.

The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was another so-so day, health-wise not so good, but activity-wise a good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-10 – Turkey Vultures in our Backyard