2018-11-13 Recovery Day 617

Today was a so-so day! I woke up again early with some dizziness and stomach issues. Getting up there was a little bit of improvement, enough to go for my walk. For the rest of the day, my stomach pain and dizziness did finally go away. However my shoulder pain/discomfort did not go away, instead, it went up and down depending on my activities.

Activity-wise, there is not much to report. I got up and my normal time and had a light breakfast before having my FaceTime session with Ray. After the call, I went for my walk with Dean. Today I took PICTURES of trees that had mostly red leaves on them, reminding me of the Indian summer back in Canada. After my walk with Dean, I needed to rest as my shoulder.

I also had to get ready for my appointment with the radiologist doctor about my MRI. As it turns out, I will undergo ten (10) radiation sessions for my shoulder and abdomen which should reduce if not eliminate my shoulder and hip pain. I had lunch with Dianne after the consultation before attending the support group meeting in the afternoon.

After getting back home, I did some housework and rested afterward before getting ready for dinner time.

The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-13 – Red Leaves Trees