2018-11-14 Recovery Day 618

Today was another so-so day! I woke early with some dizziness and stomach issues and took my medication for it before getting back to sleep. By the time I got up, both, dizziness and stomach issues, we’re almost gone. For the rest of the day, my stomach pain and dizziness were gone. However, my shoulder pain/discomfort did not go away. By day end the pains were still there waiting for me to rest.

Activity-wise, there is not much to report. I got up and my normal time and had a light breakfast before having my FaceTime session with Ray. After the call, I got ready to be picked up by James (met him at the support group) to go to the Antioch Marina to meet Mark, another support group member. Together we went into the DOW Wetlands to take some PICTURES of birds or whatever else was worthwhile to be captured.

After returning home from my Wetland session, our friend Alice came bringing Spaghetti and Meatball for lunch. We spend some time getting updates from each other before I needed to get to my Radiation Simulation appointment. Alice was so nice to drop me off at our local cancer center.

The Radiation Simulation appointment did last too long, afterward, I went for a blood draw followed by an appointment with my Oncology doctor about my PET/CT and all the other things since my last treatment. As it turns out, I will not only go for the ten (10) radiation sessions for my shoulder and abdomen, which I mention yesterday but possible another 10 radiation session after a small masses for my hips.

After getting back home, I did need to rest, today was just a little bit too much. It was soon dinner time. The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-14 – A day in the Wetlands