2018-11-16 Recovery Day 620

Today was another good day! I woke up with a little bit of dizziness and stomach issues, taken the medication clear it up and it held true for the rest of the day. As to my shoulder pain/discomfort, it was presented all day long. In the beginning the level was rather high, but as the day progressed the level did go down. By day-end the pains were still there with the pain levels way down.

Activity-wise, it was a busy day. I got up at my normal time and had breakfast before getting ready for my walk with Dean. We drove to the Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Preserve entry of the Antioch Marina entrance. Like yesterday, we went into the Wetlands to take some PICTURES of birds, plants or what ever else was worthwhile to be captured.

After our Wetland session we rushed home for me to change my clothing to get ready for my first radiation session. Dean was so kind to drop me off at the local cancer center. After my session I stayed at the center for a bit until Dianne was ready to go home.

After returning home, we changed cars to go to Walnut Creek to pay a visit to the Apple store to buy me an Apple Watch. It was rather hectic at the Apple Store. On our way back we stopped at Costco to fill up the car with gas for our trip to San Francisco tomorrow. WE also stopped at our car dealer to check out our tires since a warning light had come on, and last but not least stopped at Target to return an item for Denise.

By the time we got home it was time for dinner. After dinner I uploaded and processed today’s pictures, as well as writing today’s posting. The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was a good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-16 – Another day in the Wetlands