2018-11-20 Recovery Day 624

Today was a so-so day! Health-wise, I woke up with light pains in new locations and a little bit of dizziness and stomach issues. I took my medication, which helped eliminate the two. I rested for a bit before I ate some toast and had some tea. My stomach settled down allowing me to take my morning medication. For most of the day, my stomach felt a bit fluffy and the pain levels were manageable.

Activity-wise, again, there is not much to report. I had my FaceTime call with Ray before my morning walk with Dean. After my walk, I took some PICTURES in our backyard of Garden Accessories, such as garden gnomes. Afterward, I uploaded the photos before resting to get ready for the support group meeting.

After the support group meeting, I spend 90 minutes resting in the library before my radiation session. However, as it turns out after I was lying down on the radiation table, the session was canceled because of a problem with the machine. Dianne and I returned home, to make dinner.

The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was a so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-20 – Garden Accessories