2018-11-23 Recovery Day 627

Today was another good day! Health-wise, it was again a good day, I woke up with light pains in my shoulder blades, and none in my right rip location. I also had a little bit of dizziness but no stomach issues, I took my medication, which helped eliminate the dizziness very quickly. For most of the day, the only health-related pain/discomfort I had was in my right shoulder plate.

Activity-wise, again, there is not much to report. Since today was Black Friday, we got up a bit early to visit World Market which opened at 7:00 AM. After getting our shopping done, we went to Mimi’s Restaurant for Breakfast. Our next stop was for me Barnes & Noble, whereas Denise and Dianne stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond first before joining me at B&N. After finish off our shopping here, I was dropped off at home to go walking with Dean.

Our walk was a bit long today, not necessary for distance, but time-wise, as it took like almost 90 minutes. We were lucky on our walk since we made it without getting caught in any rain. Photography-wise I was lucky catching a lot of PICTURES of trees with red leaves.

By the time our walk ended it was lunchtime. After lunch, I rested for a bit until Dianne and Denise dropped by to unload their goodies they had gotten so far. They went back on the road for more shopping and I spend some time working on cleaning up old MacMini getting ready to get back into Photography.

Soon Dianne and Denise returned from their final shopping trip. After unloading and putting stuff away, it was dinner time, which was leftovers from yesterday. It seems that Thanksgiving Dinner always tastes better on the second day as leftovers.

The day ended as most days, watching TV after dinner to relax before calling it a day. In short – It was another good day.

Picture of the Day
2018-11-23 – Trees in their Fall Colors