2018-12-06 Recovery Day 640

Today was a so-so day. Health-wise the day started with a temperature 97.6F, and changed very little, high of 98.6F, during the day. The fact that my temperature is normal and stable all day is a sign that my fever is over. As to my pain locations, the morning started with only my shoulder experiences some low-level pain. As the day progresses my lower back also start to pain. Resting did help lower the pain levels. Overall my pain levels have gotten better.

Activity-wise there is not much to write about. After having had breakfast I had a fastTime call with Ray. Afterward, I got ready to go with Dean to CostCo to do some grocery shopping. We got back shortly before lunch, giving me enough time to put all the grocery away and prepare my lunch, chicken noodle Soup.

After lunch I processed the Rotisserie Chicken I got at CostCo, separating the meat from the bones. Before resting again, I took a few PICTURES of our front door Christmas decorations set up by my daughter Denise. Since the last activities stressed my pain levels to the max, I used my recliner to rest day. I used the rest period to process the photos, uploading the to Flickr and started to write this posting.

Dinner time was quickly approaching. After dinner I finished my blog posting, rested and watched some TV. In short, activity-wise my day is still very much limited in what I can do, such as not being able to do my daily walking.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-06 – Christmas Decorations @ Cancer Center