2018-12-07 Recovery Day 641

Today was another so-so day. Health-wise the day started a bit late as I fell asleep around 7:30 the time I had planned to get up. Instead, I got up an hour later with a temperature of 98.4F, some dizziness and stomach fluffiness. Both symptoms stayed around for most the day. My temperature changed very little, low around 97.5F and a high of 98.6F, during the day. As to my pain/discomfort locations, nothing different, shoulder blades and lower back. The level was very low when resting, but when I started to move it caused a big discomfort.

Activity-wise there is not much to write about. After a late breakfast I tried calling Hannelore and Peter in Germany, but no answer. However, about 30 minutes later they called back. We had a good hour-long FaceTime session, catching up with lots of stuff since we did not talk for about 2 months.

Afterward, I called Don in Canada, no answer, however, he too called back a bit later and we too had a FaceTime call for almost an hour. After ending the call it was lunchtime. After lunch, I took a few PICTURES of Denise’s Christmas decorations. Since the picture taking stressed my pain levels to the max, I used my recliner to rest and process the photos, uploading them to Flickr and started to write this posting.

Dianne came home around 3:00 PM to pick me up and take me for a drive to Costco to fill up the van with gas and dropping off some clothing at the UPS store for the coat drive.

Getting back home Dinner time was quickly approaching. After dinner, I finished my blog posting, rested and watched some TV. In short, activity-wise my day is still very much limited in what I can do, such as not being able to do my daily walking.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-07 – Our Christmas Decorations, Set 3