2018-12-13 Recovery Day 647

Today was a better day. Health-wise the day was a better day, my stomach started to cooperate. I still only ate white rice with applesauce for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had chicken noodle soup and toast. As to my hydration issue, I did not need any today.

As to my activities today, for starters I got up at 8:00. I did some cleaning up and took my medication, before resting to about 10:00 AM. After taking my medication I went shopping with Dean, starting with dropping off some items at the Hazard Goods Recycling center, before visiting Costco. We continuing our tour to Sam’s Club in Concord. Tuesday Morning came next before our final stop at the KIA dealer.

Getting home, I spend a couple of hours in my office, doing a final review of stuff I needed to determine what to keep. In addition, I did some backup and update with my MacMini. Being Thursday, I also collected, cleaned out all garbage cans throughout the house.

Afterward, I took some PICTURES of our Christmas Decoration. In this case, the cadenza in our dining room, set up by my daughter Denise. Being almost dinner time, I quickly upload the photos to Flickr.

For dinner, I had chicken noodle soup instead of the rice and apple source since my stomach did not call any problems today. After dinner, I wrote this posting and uploaded it to my blog. After, I watch some TV until it was time for me to retire.

In short, today was a better day, I will leave it at that.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-13 – Our Christmas Decorations, Set 5