2018-12-14 Recovery Day 648

Today was another good day. Health-wise there was no issue, my stomach is cooperating again. My shoulder pain/discomfort was not noticeable. BTW, it is more of a discomfort than pain. It is hard to describe what I mean with discomfort, all I know, it is not pain. No need to stick to white rice with applesauce for breakfast and lunch. I was less active today to ensure not to overdue it, which normally ends up with my system crashing.

As to my activities today, for starters I now get up at 8:00, doing some cleaning up and taking my medication, before resting to get ready for my daily morning walk with Dean at 10:00. Instead of walking today we drove to Concord for the Honeybaked Ham company to get a Oven Smoked Turkey Breast and a Pork Loin with Cranberries and Apple inside.

Getting back home, I got ready for having lunch with my Premenos co-workers, it is a tradition going back at least for 15 years. Today Larry and Greg joined me for lunch, Bill stayed home since he has a bad cold he got from Suzan. The three of us had a good lunch which may be the last for 2018.

After Larry and Greg left I went to my office to repair my record player’s Bluetooth interface. After three hours I gave up, something I have not done for a long time.

Getting back downstairs I took some PICTURES of our Christmas Decoration around our fireplace set up by my daughter Denise. Being almost dinner time, I quickly upload the photos to Flickr.

After dinner, I wrote this posting and uploaded it to my blog. After, I watch some TV until it was time for me to retire.

In short, today was a good day, which I hope will stay around for some time.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-14 – Our Christmas Decorations, Set 6