2018-12-16 Recovery Day 650

Today was a OK day with no health-related issue, even my stomach cooperating again. However, my shoulder pain/discomfort and the rips on my right side did not play well in the time after lunch today. I will have to monitor those two areas over the next few days.

As to my activities today, I got up late around 9:00 and had breakfast. After that, around 10:00, I finished yesterday’s photo upload and posting of the blog entry.

After that, we went to Antioch’s Cancer Center for Dianne and Denise dropping off some stuff. I took that opportunity to quickly shoot a few PICTURES of their Christmas Decoration which was mostly of door decorations.

Returning home I sorted out my pictures and uploaded today’s to Flickr. Next, I worked on today’s blog posting. BTW, I watched some TV in the background, it makes the task easier. Bottom line, before I knew it, it was dinner time!

After dinner, I continued to watch some TV until it was time for me to retire.

In short, today was an OK day, which seems to have become the norm over the last few days. Let’s hope it will stay around for some time.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-16 – Christmas Decorations at Antioch’s Cancer Center