2018-12-18 Recovery Day 652

Today was another Good day with no health-related issue, my stomach cooperating for the most part of the day. As to my shoulder pain/discomfort, it was an on/off affair, which required that I had to rest between activities.

As to my activities today, After getting up and having breakfast, I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. Being the first week after my layoff of 3 weeks, I continued to keep our walk down to about 40 minutes without any steep hills or any other obstacle. However, today my shoulder would not cooperate 100%, instead, I stopped every so often before continue to walk.

After returning I immediately rested until lunch. After that I got ready for today’s Pot Luck and White Elephant meeting at the Cancer Support Group. Dean dropped me off at the Antioch Cancer Center for the Cancer Support Group meeting. I was also able to take some PICTURES during the meeting, showing the excitement of the members.

After the meeting, I went for my appointment with my radiation doctor before going home. Once home I needed to rest again, but at the same time I uploaded my photos and wrote this article. Soon it was dinner, which was one of my favorites, homemade lentil soup, and grilled cheese sandwich. Afterward, I finalized my blog and continued to watch some TV until it was time for me to retire.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-18 – Our Christmas Party