2018-12-20 Our Christmas Decorations, Set 8, Nutcracker Set 2

Today was another Good day again with no health-related issue, my stomach cooperating for the most part of the day. My shoulder pain/discomfort still is present, today for the whole day, with a variant level between 3 and 7. However, one new issue, which started about a week ago, is sweating when being active, and even more when I stop. I am known to sweat easily, but this is nothing, it is only from the top of my head. Guess this is sometimes of side effect to be mention to my doctors.

As to my activities today, after getting up and having breakfast, I spend some time on housework and getting ready for our walk for 10:00. However we had a change instead of walking for 30-40 minutes we went shopping, which in its own way results in lots of walking.

Our shopping trip involved stopping at Costco, Trader Joes, and Walmart, time-wise we spend 10:30 to 12:30, 2 hours net, at least 90 minutes of walking. Getting back home I unloaded and stored the bounty I got today. Afterward, I rested for a bit, before I did some more Christmas present wrapping. My last activity was to do a load of laundry to help Dianne.

Actually, this was the last activity, taking some PICTURES of Denise’s Nutcracker collection, which is just out of this world!

Shortly after the picture taking, processing and uploading to Flickr it was dinner time. After dinner, I started to write this posting and uploading to Klaus’ Korner website.

Picture of the Day
2018-12-20 – Our Christmas Decorations, Set 8, Nutcracker Set 2